Sonography Career

Sonography is the use of sound waves to produce images. A sonographer is a technician who uses the high frequency sonogram to create images which they will later use to assess and diagnosis medical conditions. All you need is an associate’s degree to get an entry level job. However, there are a many post bachelor degree programs that last 12 to 24 months.

Sonographer VS. Others Healthcare Professionals

sonographyAn ultrasonographer or ultrasound technician can make an average of $64,380 a year. The field also has an expected job growth of 44%. Radiologic technicians have a lower average pay ($54,340) than ultrasonographers. The job grow rate of 28% is lower as well. There is not a big difference between a registered nurses salary of $64,690 and the salary for sonographers [1]. However, they do differ in job outlook rate. There is only a 26% job growth rate for nurses. Compared to physical therapy, sonographer does not compete well in the salary department. Physical therapists have an average salary of $76,310 and growth at 39%.

Pros & Cons

Like most jobs, becoming a sonographer has both pros and cons [2]. The most notable pro is that it does not take years and years of training and education to become one. They can become one in little as one year if they have already completed another degree or two years if you have not. The earning potential is higher compared to other medical jobs. The average income for other professional jobs is $38,000. Plus, the unemployment rate for sonographers is 4% and the job outlook for 2020 is higher than most employees. Also, you will get to diagnosis patients. Your profession can be the difference in catching an illnesses early. Early diagnosis helps with the treatment process. Unfortunately, the important role in medical diagnosing can cause high pressure in some sonographers. Another con is that you will have to show concern and compassion to every ill patient. This can cause both mental and emotional pressure on you.

Job Outlook

sonographerSonography is an exciting occupation that is a safe bet as a profession choice. Some of the most promising programs for ultrasonography are at the University of Missouri and Pima Medical Institute. “Mizzou” has an high acceptance rate, good financial aid and low tuition. PMI is located in Houston, Texas and it offers an excellent post graduate degree in sonography. You can get a certificate in 18 months.